Our Committment

Our goal at Nicosia’s Gourmet products is to produce high quality USDA inspected ethnic style sausages and other unique meat specialties for   discriminating food distributors, hotels, institutions and also for those manufacturers who use our products for ingredients in their many products, such as sauces, fillings or sausage rice entrees and the like.

We are completely committed to the custom production of our many products, utilizing many state of the art types of processing equipment in a safe pathogen controlled enviroment for products either under our own label or private label for those customers who so choose or wish for us to work with them to develop a signature item of their own.


Many alternatives are available as far as raw, fully cooked, and marinated or dry cured then packaged in several different convenient methods.

Please feel free to contact us toll free at (877-Nicosia) for product information regarding your personalized product line or email us with your specific needs and questions to: Sausage@Nicosias.com