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Great food is an adventure and Nicosia’s sausage adventure began in the early 70’s through satisfying the tastes of friends who loved the variety of sausages eaten at family dinners, BBQ’s, and the like and the stories of unlocking the rich heritage behind their recipes.


Those recipes handed down through generations have been minutely altered maintaining tradition and incorporating the new, through suggestions of fine chefs, family, friends and restaurateurs. I certainly wish I could take sole credit for the unique variety our fine products, however, they are a conglomerate of suggestions, advice from family, friends of various ethnicities and those culinary professionals who have been gracious enough to share many of their heart held secrets.
 We wish to express our deepest appreciation and thank all of you for your never ending patronage, past contributions and continued suggestions for new interesting and tasteful products.
Enjoy your stroll through our list of products and please visit again for the many new additions to come. Thank you again and until your next visit.
Buon Appetito

Nick Nicosia